Response To Intervention (RTI)

School Aged Students

Response to Intervention:

Response to Intervention (RTI) is a state recognized educational model that is used to help all children meet success academically as well as emotionally, socially and behaviorally. RTI does this by collecting individual student data from academic assessments and emotional, social and behavioral screenings in order to monitor the student’s progress throughout the year. The purpose of RTI is to close gaps for all students by addressing minor learning/behavior difficulties before they become overwhelming. (NYSED 2008)

In order to provide the most effective education and emotional support for ALL children, we believe we must look at the individual needs of EACH child. Here at Keene Central School, we are implementing a three-tiered approach with varying levels of support beyond that used as the core curriculum.

For further information, please see our RTI Plan below. We have also included our KCS Values and Behavior Matrix as our character program is an integral component of our social/emotional learning component of the RTI Plan.

RTI Plan



Mindset of the Month

RTI Team

TBD - School Psychologist

Nicky Gabrielsen - Elementary School Counselor

Kristie Mills - Speech Teacher

Erin Cogswell - Special Education Teacher

Melissa LaVallee - Reading Specialist

Donna Sawyer - Classroom Teacher

Patricia McCormick - Classroom Teacher