After School Activities

KCS Garden Club

A perennial favorite for 3-6 graders at KCS is the Garden Club!

The goals of the Garden Club are to help students learn basic gardening skills, to foster a deeper connection to our food, and to have fun outdoors. We will meet rain or shine. On pleasant afternoons, we will be harvesting, digging, raking, watering, and weeding. On rainy days, we will be indoors doing garden related activities. Every session will include preparing, tasting, and eating something from the garden.

Additionally, food from the garden also makes it’s way into our cafeteria!

Below, Lettuce from the KCS Garden being rinsed, Students participating in Garden Club show off their harvest!

(Photos courtesy of Bunny Goodwin, KCS Garden Coordinator)

Below, students amend the garden, harvest Onions and Kale to make Onion Rings and Kale Chips!

(Photos courtesy of Bunny Goodwin, KCS Garden Coordinator)