Food & Nutrition

Cafeteria Staff:  Julie Holbrook, Manager, Shannon Shambo, and Tina Bell

Keene Central School offers a breakfast and lunch program to all students. The daily menu is varied and meets federal nutritional guidelines.

Our goal is to offer students fresh and nutritious food that tastes good using natural ingredients including whole fresh eggs (not egg substitute), milk and butter that is free of bovine growth hormones, natural sweeteners and whole grains. We cook completely from scratch and our eggs, vegetables and fruit are mostly from local sources. We also serve only local grass fed beef and naturally raised chicken.  We also are blessed with a wonderful school garden that supplies some of our vegetables!

The meal plan incorporates lean sources of protein, fruits and vegetables, complex carbohydrates and natural dairy products. We strive to help keep growing kids healthy and strong.

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KCS September Breakfast Menu.pdf
KCS September 2023 Lunch.pdf