Board of Education

Keene Central School Board o f Education Meetings:

3rd Tuesday Monthly. Please check our Calendar in the event of any changes in meeting dates.

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Interested in becoming a Board Member? Link to NYSSBA Guide: Running for the School Board

The KCS Board of Education meets Monthly, on the Third Tuesday, at 6:30p.m.

Changes to meeting dates will be advertised. Please refer to the School Calendar.

Keene Central School District is governed by a Board of Education comprised of five members elected by the community. Serving as a board member requires a commitment of personal time and effort with no fiscal remuneration.

Board members serve terms of three years. They obtain their authority from the New York State Education Law and other relevant statutes. The New York Education Law defines a school board’s general power and duties. Generally a school board oversees the district’s affairs (students’ education), personnel and properties.

The board has specific responsibilities to determine curriculum, employ a superintendent, and submit a proposed budget to the district voters for their approval.

A school board:

  • Sets the district’s direction

  • Ensures alignment of strategies, resources (including the approved budget), policies, programs, and processes with districts goals

  • Assesses and accounts for progress using comprehensive data, thorough deliberation and open communication

  • Continuously improves the district, accentuating and reinforcing the positive, and correcting the negative

The school board’s job is to focus on the goals, while the superintendent focuses on the ways and means to attain the goals. The board oversees the education of students and is responsible for school district operations, but does not directly run the district’s day-to-day operations.

Role and Responsibilities

A school board is charged with monitoring the financial status of the institution to determine whether its assets are being used for the accomplishments of the district’s mission. In other words, the role of a school board is to oversee the district’s management to ensure that assets are used properly, laws and regulations are followed, and the public interest is best served.

They govern by holding the superintendent accountable for the institution’s operation and service. Board members set policy. They network with and act as a liaison to other members of the community.


A school board member is responsible for fulfilling the duties of the position: care, loyalty and obedience.

Duty of Care

A board member must act in good faith and exercise the degree of diligence, care and skill that an ordinary person would use in a similar situation.

  • Attend and participate regularly in meetings and on committees.

  • Read, review and inquire about information related to the institution, such as: board minutes, annual review, reports, plans and policies.

  • Have a fiduciary responsibility for the assets, finances and investments of the institution.

  • Use one’s own judgment in analyzing matters that have an impact on the school district.

Duty of Loyalty

Board members owe allegiance to the institution and must act in good faith with the interest of the district in mind. Members should avoid even the appearance of impropriety when conducting the business of the district and all areas in which there may be a conflict of interest.

Duty of Obedience

Board members are responsible for insuring that all available resources are being dedicated to the mission of the district, and that the district abides by all laws and does not engage in unauthorized activities. (Excerpts from: “Essentials of School Board Service”, New York State School Boards Association and “Statement on the Governance Role of a trustee or Board Member”, The State Education Department.)


Unless otherwise advertised, the full KCS Board of Education meets once each month on the third Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. in the Auditorium (unless otherwise stated) at Keene Central School, 33 Market Street, Keene Valley, NY. In addition, during budget development, the Board meets twice each month for workshop sessions. The schedule of dates and times is published on the District’s calendar. Agendas for the meetings are available the Friday before each meeting from the District Clerk in the KCS District office located at Keene Central School


Complete policy and procedure manuals are available for review at the KCS District office located at Keene Central School.


Copies of the current budget, audit reports and related reports are available from the District Treasurer, Business Office, Keene Central School.