Keene Central School District has never had the luxury of being a recipient of a large amount of State aid. At this time of fiscal crisis, this has become an advantage for the district. The district is not dependent on State aid and therefore has not been hit as hard by that reduction of funding. The budget planning process is moving along with all eyes being focused on being frugal while maintaining quality programs and opportunities for students.

Curriculum and Standards changes are being made by New York State. Keene Central continues to interpret these changes and adjust our curriculum to align with these prescribed changes. As a result of adjustments to the Standards, assessments are being modified as well. Teachers work each day to prepare their students for these changes as well.

Preparing today’s students for the demands of tomorrow’s world is our largest challenge. The unknowns make this task daunting. What skills will people need to be successful in the world of tomorrow? How are young people motivated to challenge themselves and to work hard? Is the work we are asking of them the “right” work? These are but a few of the questions educators are grappling to answer.

Keene Central has developed a solid reputation of providing a quality educational experience while supporting the social and emotional growth of students. Given the challenges of tomorrow, the work before our school and our community is to continue to find ways of maintaining that quality experience and reputation. This task will take everyone working together, communicating clearly, sharing ideas and expertise, being supportive, being open to change and being open-minded. This work is being conducted throughout the country. If it can be successful anywhere, I am confident it can be successful in Keene. The Keene community comes together when things get tough and these are tough times in education.

Thank you for the on-going support.

Daniel J. Mayberry



I am excited to join the students, staff, and community at Keene Central School! For many years I have visited the Keene Valley and often dreamed of working here. I am honored to have been chosen to be the next K-12 principal and to help lead the way for the 2018-2019 school year and beyond.

My entire professional career has been one of service to my community and I look forward to continuing that commitment at Keene. Living, learning, and working amid such beautiful surroundings is a truly inspiring venue in which to uphold our mission: “Let each become all he or she is capable of becoming.” A small school setting allows for great involvement in all facets of student life including academics, extracurricular activities, and social-emotional development. I am familiar with rural education having attended, taught, coached, parented, and led in the same western New York district for 26 years. In that time I have served the school and community in a variety of roles, but none greater than educator. A singular focus on what is best for children has driven my work.

While our physical footprint may be small, the offerings at KCS exceed those of much larger districts. The educational experience provided to our students will help them to be happy and productive members of this community and to be successful in whatever they choose to do. A strong academic tradition, attention to the individual, and close ties with the community are what make Keene Central School stand apart from the other schools in the North Country. I am excited to join the staff and become a member of this community.

Robert J. Woughter

Principal K-12

“Let each become all he or she is capable of becoming.”