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Academic Counseling

Planning For Academic Success

At Keene Central School our goal is to provide a comprehensive and developmentally appropriate method for working with all students. Beginning in elementary school, teachers, staff, and school counselors will work diligently to ensure your success.

What to expect in Grades 7-8

As you enter into seventh grade, you will experience a number of changes. In particular you will:

  • receive a locker with a combination lock
  • have a different teacher for each content area
  • transition from classroom to classroom
  • have a lot more homework
  • not have a recess period
  • have study hall periods
  • have eligibility lists and after-school Academic Support
  • be required to take Spanish in 7th & 8th grade unless an IEP indicates otherwise

We know from experience that this transition period can be difficult for students (and sometimes for parents as well). We also know that when you are organized, the transition process into seventh grade can be a bit easier.

At school we recommend that you are prepared everyday with an assignment notebook, are proactive with your teachers, and use study halls effectively.

At home we suggest that you create a study space which you will use every day at a specific study time which you have established. We also recommend that parents routinely ask many questions about assignments, future projects or tests, and to simply check-in to see how their child is doing.

If there are concerns that arise, we strongly encourage you to contact your child’s teacher or Mrs. Johnson (the school counselor) early on so that the issues are addressed before they become a problem.

What to expect in Grades 9-12

When you enter 9th grade you can also expect to experience a different set of changes. Throughout the high school experience you can expect that you will be working under greater expectations. Course work will be more difficult and your teachers will begin to expect an increasing amount of responsibility and self-advocacy. Also, you will begin to work with Mrs. Johnson on identifying what you would like to do after graduation.

Whether you have aspirations of entering the workforce, the military, or a two or four year college program, Mrs. Johnson will help you to navigate through the necessary steps and help you to identify courses which would be most appropriate to help you reach your goals. Additionally, 9th grade is officially the start of high school, the time when all of your grades will begin to be factored into your cumulative GPA.

Your cumulative GPA will become important during your senior year as you apply for colleges and be considered for scholarships. If you develop a strong work ethic starting in ninth grade, you will be in good shape when you get to 12th grade.

The entire Keene Central School community works to help all students achieve their goals and experience success. We work with parents and students on developing an academic program that will fit each student’s needs whether it is a Customized Education Plan or Individualized Education Plan.

If you are proactive in doing your part to achieve your goals, we know you will succeed at KCS.