Events & Celebrations

Students & Faculty, along with Beth and Bill, honor our Veteran's.  11/2013.
Students at all grade levels have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of activities and events throughout the year from traditional KCS celebrations to outdoor experiences, field trips, competitive events and arts programs.

Earth Day

For a number of years, KCS has celebrated the beauty of our area through focusing one day each spring to environmental study and clean-up. Students are grouped in multi-grade level teams. They work together to plant flowers, pick up trash and debris from the roads, compost, plant gardens and study the environment through a variety of concurrent activities.

Environmental Awareness Week

 “Earth Day” was recently expanded into a one week event with many visiting instructors. The goal of Environmental Awareness Week is for students to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of our Adirondack environment.  Students learn about global conservation issues including what they can do to help preserve the earth.

Back to School Celebration

Every fall, the KCS Foundation For Excellent Schools team plans and offers a dinner and open house on the evening of the first Thursday that school is in session. It is a terrific time to meet teachers, new families and renew old friendships after a long summer.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Ask anyone in our town about the Thanksgiving Dinner at school and you will get a ready smile. Everyone has at one time or another, or for several years, joined the students and staff as they gather together to share a traditional Thanksgiving dinner on the last day before Thanksgiving vacation. The entire school, Town board members, school board members, parents new to the district, parents of kindergarteners, elderly residents from the Keene Valley Neighborhood House, volunteers and KCS School District retirees are invited and gather in the auditorium to eat together.

Spanish Night

Everyone looks forward to Spanish Night. It is a school-wide event providing students, parents, faculty, staff, volunteers and members of the community with an opportunity to celebrate Hispanic culture. It is an evening of student performances (in Spanish), music, dance, art and food. Held every other year, this event showcases what the students are studying in class.

Other KCS Activities, Events & Celebrations include:

  • College visits
  • Mentoring activities
  • HOBY Leadership Conference
  • Writers’ Conferences
  • Quiz Bowl tournaments
  • Forensic Team tournaments
  • Field Trips
  • 6th Grade trip to Boston
  • 10th grade trip to Upper Ausable Lake
  • Senior class trip
  • School Garden and Compost Program
  • K-6 Field Day
  • Poetry Alive!
  • Health Fair
  • Career Fair
  • DARE program
  • Concerts, plays and musicals
  • School Band
  • School Chorus
  • Art Shows
  • Visits from local artists
  • Read-A-Thon
  • Book Fairs
  • Holiday Craft Sale
  • Team Sports
  • Sports Banquet
  • Prom                                                                                                                                
  • Super Scientific Science Slam