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Spanish and Art NYC 2011

Fifteen KCS Spanish and Art students made a Spring journey to New York City. The adventure included a bus ride to Albany, a train to NYC, many subway rides and much walking. Not to mention the sights! All the traveling in that short weekend was well worth the effort.

Students, many of whom had never been to the Big Apple, enjoyed a typical Yucatan beach lunch before touring China Town and Little Italy. Then they experienced “Fuerza Bruta” at the Daryl Roth Theatre at Union Square. The show, created by Diqui James of Buenos Aires, Argentina, has been described as an experience in which “... both performers and audience are immersed in an environment that floods the senses... where individual imagination soars.” Wow! This was not the North Country! Saturday was rich with the treasures of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Art students had prepared presentations on various important Spanish paintings. After learning from our “private docents”, all the students were free to explore the collections on their own. The latter part of the day was filled with enjoying street performers and promenading through Central Park. The Spanish students had researched tapas as an example of Spanish food. That prepared them well for an authentic and tasty dinner at Lizarrán Restaurant, highlighted by enthusiastic Flamenco performers.

In addition to the research the students had done concerning the sites and restaurants, they were responsible for navigating the streets and subway of NYC to guide the group. In anticipation of the trip, the youngsters conducted a raffle and also paid a portion of the costs. The CADAHEMARK Foundation awarded an important grant to the effort. The teachers who organized the trip, Señora Tremblay, Señora Wilson and Ms. MacFadden, expressed their gratitude to High Peaks Education Foundation and the other supporters for assuring the success of the venture.