The Keene Central School Athletic Program believes that athletics is an integral part of the school’s total educational program. The main goal of the KCS interscholastic athletic program is to promote personal growth and provide meaningful and fun experiences within a safe and healthy environment.

The highs and lows of athletic competition are achieved through hard work, dedication, discipline and teamwork. The rewards are in the development of fond memories and personal achievements. At KCS, no student is refused an opportunity to participate in athletics. The athletic program is distinct from yet complimentary to the physical education curriculum at KCS.

The KCS Athletic Program promotes:
  • The development of personal traits which include a work ethic, self discipline, sportsmanship and self esteem
  • A healthy attitude towards competition
  • Life skills such as teamwork, leadership and citizenship
  • Athletic and educational opportunities beyond school
  • Individual and team skill development and habits for lifelong health and well-being
    • Modified (Grades 7, 8, 9)
    • Junior Varsity (Grades 9/10)
    • Varsity (Grades 9-12)
    • Merger (Varsity level)

    Keene Central School participates in the Mountain Valley Athletic Conference (MVAC).

    Keene Soccer Fall 2013


    • Varsity Soccer (Boys/Girls)
    • Modified Soccer (Boys/Girls)
    • *Swimming (Girls)


    • Varsity Basketball (Boys/Girls)

    • JV Basketball (Girls)
    • Modified Basketball (Boys)
    • *Hockey (Boys/Girls)


    • Varsity Baseball (Boys)
    • Modified Baseball (Boys)
    • Varsity Softball (Girls
    • Modified Softball (Girls)
    • *Track & Field (Boys/Girls)
    • *Tennis (Boys/Girls)

    *KCS Team Mergers with Local School Districts (Varsity)

    Hockey: Merger with Lake Placid team

    Track & Field/Tennis/Swimming: Team includes students from Elizabethtown, Keene, Moriah, and Westport Schools

    Elementary School Athletics

    Students Grade 6 and below can participate in the following sports through a school partnership with the Town of Keene Youth Commission.

    • Soccer
    • Basketball
    • Baseball
    • Softball

    Varsity Club

Annual Sports Banquet – Every spring KCS holds a ceremony to recognize, honor and thank all who have participated in the athletic program during the school year. Awards and certificates are presented to student athlete

For questions or comments regarding any of Keene Central School athletic programs please contact:

Matthew Mills, Athletic Director @ 518-576-4555