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Superintendent's Message

Keene Central School continues to be a strong educational institution in a community that provides strong support for our small school in the Adirondacks.  We strive to continue to the longstanding tradition of providing a well-rounded learning environment that allows students many opportunities to be successful...

The 2015-2016 school year will bring continued focus on reading, writing and communication skills.  These skills are critical to our student’s success after they get out of High School.  With the shifts associated with the Common Core Learning Standards, the skills identified above will allow students unparalleled success with the increased rigor of the new standards.

As has been true in the past, Keene Central School does not intend on teaching to the test.  We will continue to provide strong academic programming while addressing skills that are required for the Common Core shift.  Students who connect better to their school community and are able to connect their skills across multiple subjects/activities show better growth and understanding which leads to higher achievement.

The current state of education in New York is challenging.  Keene faces just as many challenges as other districts that include financial, academic and staffing challenges.  However, Keene’s community makes all the difference in the ability of Keene Central School to continue growing and meeting the ever-changing challenges facing education.  We will continue to make educational and academic choices that not only benefit our school, but our community as a whole.

Thank you for your continued involvement and support.

Mr. Mayberry

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About Our School

Keene Central School is a vital and cherished part of the community life and cultural tradition of Keene Valley, NY. Located on the Au Sable River in the heart of the High Peaks region of the Adirondacks, this rural K-12 public school serves the children of Keene/Keene Valley in one building, under one roof.

Keene Central School District is locally run, benefits from a close relationship among teachers, staff, students and families, and is strengthened by unparalleled community involvement.

Student achievement consistently ranks above average. Small class sizes allow for individualized learning and flexibility within a traditional educational model and experienced faculty members work closely together with parents to ensure that each child is successful.

Keene Central School is one of the most vibrant and highly regarded school districts in the region.

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