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Let each become all he or she is capable of becoming.”

Superintendent's Message

Education today is made up of an ever changing and ever increasing number of challenges.  The educational environment here at KCS is no different than in other areas of New York State or the United States for that matter.  As with all challenges in life, we will focus on what we can control and make educated responses to the challenges facing us here at KCS.  We will remain focused on our number one priority, which is providing a quality education and offering excellent educational experiences.

Keene Central School has a Superintendent/HS Principal and a K-8 Principal/CSE Chairperson leading our district.   We are ever mindful of the financial challenges facing the district and we are balancing those financial concerns with maintaining and improving the quality of the education we offer students.  As we head into this school year, one of our main focuses will be to continue working on meeting the new standards and preparing our students for the real world they will enter when they graduate from KCS.  Working together, using data, and offering professional development are essential components in meeting the new, higher standards.

While moving forward, we are committed to remembering where we come from and where have been.  The opportunities we have here at KCS make us unique in the world of public education.  We will strive to continue our balanced offerings in academics, the arts, and athletics.  Education is a challenging environment and we continue to experience educational and economic challenges.  Working together through sharing ideas, support and effective communication will help us ensure our continued progress.

We thank our community for all of your continued support and involvement.  It truly takes a community to raise a child and our community exemplifies that.  Now, more than ever, we need to work together as we always have here in Keene. We look forward to continuing this wonderful relationship to benefit of both our students and our community.

Thank You.

Mr. Mayberry

Primary Students and Amazing Pattern Block Power!!


About Our School

Keene Central School is a vital and cherished part of the community life and cultural tradition of Keene Valley, NY. Located on the Au Sable River in the heart of the High Peaks region of the Adirondacks, this rural K-12 public school serves the children of Keene/Keene Valley in one building, under one roof.

Keene Central School District is locally run, benefits from a close relationship among teachers, staff, students and families, and is strengthened by unparalleled community involvement.

Student achievement consistently ranks above average. Small class sizes allow for individualized learning and flexibility within a traditional educational model and experienced faculty members work closely together with parents to ensure that each child is successful.

Keene Central School is one of the most vibrant and highly regarded school districts in the region.

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