Four Winds Science Program

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Four Winds Science Program Volunteers
Over the years you may have seen announcements or notices about a fantastic nature program at KCS called Four Winds. Maybe your children have come home full of stories about owl pellets or spiders. Maybe they were just happy to go outside for some extra time exploring. Five years ago now, Four Winds was brought to KCS by dedicated educator and parent Katherine Brown with seed money from H.P.E.F. The goal of the program is to get kids outside into the woods and spark their curiosity about nature. It is not an educational curriculum so much as a collection of activities that lets kids learn through hands on experiences. In fact, the name of the guiding book is “Hands-On Nature.” We are so lucky to have this program at our school. Not only do the kids love it, so do the adults who volunteer. Each month, a naturalist from Vermont named Chris Runcie drives to Keene Valley and meets with a group of volunteers. She has the most amazing stories to tell, and treasure hunts to go on. She comes baring puppet shows and pipe-cleaners and ingenious ways to use them. The volunteers who get to spend two fascinating hours with Chris, then take what they have learned into our children’s classrooms and out into the woods and fields around the school.
2014 - 2015 is all about Life Cycles. we will study the life cycles of insects, birds, seeds and find out what happens to animals in the Winter when food is hard to find.
We rejoice that this amazing program has come to KCS and stayed. For more information about volunteering or any questions contact coordinator Marie Anne Ward at and put 4 Winds in the subject field.