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Mrs. McLain's Course summaries:

Algebra 2/ Trigonometry

Our goal in Algebra 2 and Trigonometry is to master the concepts included in the Regents Curriculum and to be prepared for the Regents exam in June 2013. Students will build mathematical knowledge through problem solving, develop reasoning skills and create logical arguments. They will communicate these ideas effectively, using precise language, and evaluate the arguments of others. Students will make connections between mathematical concepts, and learn various methods to represent their mathematical problems. Topics include operations with rational and irrational numbers and solving linear, quadratic, and systems of equations. Students will factor, evaluate, and simplify algebraic expressions, and they will represent patterns, relations, and functions. They will study coordinate geometry and the basic trigonometric functions. Finally, they will collect, organize, display, and analyze data and apply the concepts of probability.


This course studies the structure and composition of matter and the changes it may undergo during the various types of chemical reactions, Concepts considered include atomic theory and structure, the organization of elements in the periodic table, the types of chemical reactions, the mechanics of compound formation. We study balancing chemical equations and stoichiometry, kinetic and ionization theories, acid-base reactions and electrochemistry. We also include an introduction to organic chemistry and nuclear chemistry. Students will prepare for the Regents Exam in Chemistry in June 2013.


This course continues to build on basic physical science principles by exploring in depth the nature and characteristics of energy and its dynamic interaction with matter. Key areas covered include motion in one- and two-dimensions, wave phenomena and the electromagnetic spectrum, light, electricity, fields, force and motion, energy transformations, and non-Newtonian physics. We will stress the practical application of physics in other areas of science and technology and how physics affects our world. Students will take the Regents Exam in Physics in June 2013.

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